Urban Sketching

Urban Sketching


The Urban Sketching set was specially handcrafted for artists who participate in urban sketching—the act of observational drawing and documenting your day-to-day life. No matter your preferred subject or location, whether that be the city or the zoo or your living room, urban sketching is something everyone can do and the iPad is the perfect tool to use. I created these brushes to mimic traditional tools that on-location sketchers use and love. So if you're an artist who enjoys sketching anything, this set is for you!

Featuring 17 custom brushes in a variety of realistic tools including pencils, inks, pens, and watercolors. Every texture used is seamless to ensure perfect brush strokes every time.


“This has become my most used brush set, I love it, it has everything you need at a great price.” — Sofía Moya (from Creative Market)

“They just make Procreate so much more fun and I find I get more work done because of the quality and simplicity of use.” — Jane Whisler (from Creative Market)

Need help installing? Click here. This product is only compatible with Procreate 4+.

Tag me @sadielewski on Instagram or Twitter, I'd love to see your work using the brushes!

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