About the project:

The first step for designing the QALO logo was the letter Q. We knew that the Q would be stamped on all products as an insignia, so it became the most important aspect to get right. All of the Q's I found in typefaces were not quite right. An entirely round bowl of the Q felt out of place because I knew the following letters were A and L, two letters with very harsh lines. And other Q's had too harsh of lines and looked blocky.

So, I made the Q from scratch. I drew rounded squares, and made the tail with a hard-edged rectangle, creating a balance of round and angular. I designed the other letters to incorporate a mix of rounded edges and angular lines so that they would feel like they matched the Q. Lastly, I used the same shape of the Q to make the O.

The finishing touch was removing a section of the Q and O to abstractly represent the functionality of the product. The ring is designed to break before causing damage to the finger, so I wanted to show the "breaking".


Logo On Product & Website

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