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Before I was a professional illustrator & graphic designer, I was a hobbyist doodler. During my formative years I used mediums like pencils, charcoals, paints, and any other tools I could get my hands on. When I switched to digital art 8 years ago I struggled to recreate the rich texture and authenticity of traditional art that I grew accustomed to. That’s when I began my search for realistic brushes that would help me achieve the traditional look I wanted. Sometimes I’d find a good brush, but most of them weren’t up to my standards. I realized that I spent more time looking for brushes than making art, so I learned how to make brushes that helped my workflow. Now I offer all the Procreate brushes that I use in my own professional work.



I create brush tips and textures using traditional mediums (like paints, pencils, brushes, sponges, rollers, etc.) and scan them in at a high resolution. Then I take the scans into Photoshop, clean then up, and optimize them for Procreate. For textures I turn them into seamless patterns so that every brush stroke you make is smooth and continuous. Once that’s finished I import everything on my iPad so I can play and experiment. It takes a few bad experiments to get a good brush, and sometimes I’ll have to scrap brush tips and textures altogether if they’re not working. I create art using the brushes and tweak the brushes as I use them. The brushes go through many steps of testing and refinement before they’re made available online.



Try a sample

If you’d like to try before you buy, I offer two samples from separate packs. You can get a free ballpoint pen or bristle brush from my shop.

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Love these. It really makes a difference painting with the right brush. These are velvety, smooth, and fun to use!
— Jon Sauder, Creative Market
This brush pack has quickly become one of my favourites. As a children’s book illustrator, I find it the perfect blend of softness and playfulness. It’s perfect!
— Cristy, Design Cuts
This has become my most used brush set, I love it, it has everything you need at a great price.
— Sofía Moya, Creative Market
Fantastic! Nice buttery oils, very true to the real thing. Went back to her shop to buy her other brushes! Also, fantastic!
— Jenny Dennis, Creative Market
I bought this set, used it, then bought two more of your sets. Your work is fantastic, thank you!
— Abigail Skowronek, Creative Market


Suits any style

There’s something for every artist—the fine artist, comic artist, cartoon artist, new artist, professional artist, any artist.

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Keep your pencil sharp

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