Artist appreciation: Jose Gonzalez


Jose Gonzalez was a talented artist in the world of comics who got his fame from the comic Vampirella. But to me, his work outside of Vampirella was even more amazing. He’s honestly one of my biggest inspirations for illustration. His line work is unreal, the shading and tone he achieved looks so effortless, the colors (when he uses them) are mind-blowing, and I can’t get enough of seeing his work. Here’s a quote from the book “The Art of Jose Gonzalez” (written and curated by David Roach) that best describes Jose:

“He was a great artist who apparently hated to draw. The creator of the most sexually charged female imagery in comics who was openly gay. He was the cross-dressing extrovert who carefully guarded his private life. An artist with seemingly no interest in comics who kept coming back to the character that made his name: Vampirella.”


I highly recommend this book, it’s a great insight into the artist himself and the work featured is so perfect it makes me want to never draw again.

Note: all photos I used in this blog post are from ‘The Art of Jose Gonzalez’ so all credits go to them.


When Jose Gonzalez died in 2009, his friend Esteban Maroto said: “A great artist has died, but a legend has been born.”

Yes, a legend indeed. I hope you enjoyed the drawings and that you keep this legend alive by sharing his work!