Pep Talk


I’ve been in an art funk lately and my motivation to draw is non-existent. I think to myself “I really want to draw today” and then I do everything but draw. I find excuses not to. I don’t have time, I’m too tired, I don’t know what to draw, I need more art supplies, I can’t draw because I suck at it, and the list goes on. I go into a downward spiral of excuses and I attempt to justify myself.

I can tell you this: no excuse will make you feel as good as drawing will. Even if you don’t enjoy it at first–and your drawing looks like the worst thing you’ve ever created–it will be rewarding to know that you did it anyway. You fought against all of those excuses that were trying to hold you back. You created something even when you felt uninspired... which brings me to my next point. Do not rely on inspiration to bring you out of an art funk. It’s a bad idea to rely on inspiration as your source of motivation because inspiration is fleeting. I believe inspiration has to find you and it has to find you working. You can’t summon it whenever you choose.

The best thing to get out of an art funk is to do the seemingly impossible–draw. Draw even though it’s hard, even though you hate it at the moment. If you want to get better and to progress as an artist, draw. If you don’t want to lose your passion, draw.